Creating an SSH alias and setting up auto-login

This is the basic command to SSH into as user some_user


But that’s annoying to type out, so we’ll make an alias!…

Creating an alias

mkdir ~/.ssh

(“~/” means “home directory”)

Now, create the file ~/.ssh/config

Put this into the file:

Host guardian
    User some_user
Host colossus
    User some_user

And now we can just do

ssh guardian

and it uses that config to figure out what to do!

Setting up auto-login

Problem: we still have to enter password every time we log in (urgh!)

Generating a private/public key pair will solve this!

(“private key” is like a password, “public key” is like a token that says “allow this password to log in”)

To generate both keys:


and press enter a few times (default location, no password, no password again)

A wacky ASCII art box should print. Afterwards, .ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/ should be generated.

KEEP .ssh/id_rsa PRIVATE, it is like a password!!

Next, copy the .pub file to guardian:

ssh-copy-id guardian

You will enter your MTU password once. Note that text will not appear as you are typing your password!

Then, everything should be set up. Test everything by typing:

ssh guardian

and you’re done!