Copying files to/from Guardian/Colossus

Note: This tutorial assumes you have set up an alias as described in this tutorial.

To get file/at/path to guardian at other/path:

scp file/at/path guardian:other/path

To get from guardian to local:

scp guardian:other/path file/at/path

Remote path defaults to $HOME, so:

scp file/at/path guardian:

will copy to your home (default) folder.

If you need to copy a folder, not file, use the -r option (recursive) - you’ll get an error otherwise

scp -r some_folder guardian:dest_folder

if some_folder already exists, you don’t need to do this:

scp file.txt guardian:some_folder/file.txt

this will work (default appends to path if directory already exists)

scp file.txt guardian:some_folder