These exist to be a reference to friends I’m helping at my university (Michigan Tech). Information is probably going to be specific to that university, but likely in name only (domain names, etc.). Information will be omitted to the point of being questionably accurate, as these are directed towards “just get the thing to work” and not “learn the inner workings and how to do everything ever”. (i.e. please don’t judge me based on the contents of these)

Also, random tutorial stuff is smashed in here too!


Please don’t use vim because your prof, friend, or I use it, unless you intend on going through an hour-long tutorial on how to make a text file

(However, if you are willing to spend a long time learning, I do recommend vim or emacs, they’re pretty awesome for improving editing for text/code)

Ubuntu for Windows (Linux Subsystem for Windows 10) is a nice way to get ssh/scp on windows. For that:

Windows C: drive is /mnt/c

User folder is /mnt/c/Users/YourUsername/...